This Ebony Hottie’s Beautiful Carnival Costume Will Blow Your Mind!

Ever dreamed of going to carnivale with all the beautiful women? This gorgeous ebony has been there and her outfit is simply mouthwatering!

Gorgeous Ebony in Beautiful Carnival Costume

Top 10 Beautiful Locations to Experience Festivals Like This One

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is the city most nearly connected with Carnival. Around a half-million outside guests join the city’s 7 million occupants for this yearly gathering. The headliner is the opposition between samba entertainers in the Sambodromo. It’s justified regardless of the high value (tickets from $110).

Binche, Belgium

Binche — a town near the outskirt of Belgium and France — has held a yearly pre-Lenten celebration since the sixteenth century. The must-see occasion is the March of the Gilles, a parade of men and young men wearing splendidly hued ensembles and wooden stops up.


New Orleans

Say “Mardi Gras” in the U.S. what’s more, everybody considers New Orleans, with its conceal partygoers and intemperance. The city’s pre-Lenten Carnival has been tamer since Hurricane Katrina, with littler group and less glimmering of the substance.

Salvador, Brazil

Around 1,000 miles upper east of Rio, Salvador has its Carnaval. It’s as astonishing as Rio’s, yet feels less business since most occasions are free. All around town, music spills out of trio elétrico — a truck wired for sound and a music aggregate playing on the rooftop.

Olinda, Brazil

This seafront town around 500 miles upper east of Salvador tosses a Carnival with folkloric and natively constructed vibes that opponents Rio’s and Salvador’s gatherings. On the Friday before Ash Wednesday, road parades feature bonecos, or expansive papier-mâché figures.

Oruro, Bolivia

Around 140 miles southeast of capital city La Paz, Oruro is an Andean mountain town that has a yearly Carnival festivity perceived by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Viareggio, Italy

Maybe Europe’s finest pre-Lenten gathering is the Carnival celebration in Viareggio, a beach front town around 245 miles northwest of Rome. This year, on five continuous Sundays, the city has a progression of parades that are particular for including supersize glides.

Venice, Italy

In Venice amid Carnival, you’ll see the incidental costumed figure in Piazza San Marco. However, covered members can be found in all the real piazzas, frequently lit up by flares and campfires.

Cologne, Germany

In Cologne, Kölner Carnival is a boisterous week for some grown-ups, with substantial drinking and a lot recently night moving. However, kid-accommodating occasions incorporate a parade on the Monday before Ash Wednesday, when kamelle (confections) are hurled from glides. A portion of the conventions have been passed down since in any event the Middle Ages.

Barranquilla, Colombia

On the off chance that you go to the Carnival party in the Caribbean beach front city of Barranquilla, don’t be astounded on the off chance that somebody hurls a laurel of blooms around your neck while you’re remaining on a cobbled road tuning in to a blend of Colombian funk and society music.

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