(Video) Smokin’ Hot Ravie Loso is Very Thick!

Ravie loso really looks hot in thi s video.

Ravie Loso Sporting Hot Outfit

Taking Hot Photos Like Ravie Loso

It’s actually as much about what you don’t show as it is what you do, and certain tricks will help you achieve an image that’s ~natural and cute~, or over-it and severe, or even cheeseball on purpose. And the real secret is to figure out how to take a pic that makes you (not even someone else) feel some type of way. Because, let’s face it, sending pics to a romantic partner can be a lot of fun, but it’s old-fashioned to think that the purpose of taking a sexy selfie is to titillate someone else.

In the spirit of self care, self love, and self satisfaction, we’ve asked some of our favorite women in the sex-positive community to share their sexy selfie tips with us (while dressed in some of our favorite lingerie picks from the season).

Inform me regarding the secret to influencing this posture to work.

“Truly I have an inclination that I only lucked out. That window and mirror are dependably there. Be that as it may, you can imitate this with a full length reflect close to a window with great daylight. When I’m taking these kinds of things, I consider somebody that makes me upbeat, or somebody that I need to see me in the undergarments.”

Any photograph altering deceives you jump at the chance to utilize? Or then again would you say you are a straight shooter?

“My exclusive genuine trap is a telephone tripod and a Bluetooth associated catch that influences the shade to go off. I don’t generally utilize channels.”

Where do a large portion of your attractive selfies wind up?

“Most wind up on my private Instagram page, or to my closest companions. I don’t send hot photographs to young men. I’d rather them see me face to face.”

What do you like most about the undergarments?

“Specialist Provocateur is one of my most loved undergarments brands. I adore the ribbon and the mismatch open back on the butt. And furthermore that the best could conceivably be worn under a jacket as a shirt. Not to Sunday church, but rather perhaps to an Ellen Von Unwerth book discharge party.”


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