(Video) Sexy Ebony Lady Twerks Her Phat Booty

You will love to see her walk away as her phat booty shakes in this video.

Gorgeous Ravie Loso Twerks Her Phat Booty In This Steamy Video

Phat Booty Twerkin’ Tips

The twerk portrays a move most unnatural, where the twerker spins their hips around in a mix of curving and twitching. I have heard that this itself achieved the cause of the word: Twerk = turn + yank. Another proposed root of the word is from the expression to ‘work it’, by one means or another adjusted to ‘twerk it’.

As yet experiencing difficulty envisioning what twerking resembles? Picture a low crouching position, and rhythmical pushing hip developments, and you have it.

Because of its provocative look, it’s encompassed by discussion and a touch of criticism, however perhaps not a terrible one to add to your collection (regardless of whether you keep it a mystery and just break it out in excellent conditions!).

So why precisely has this interesting development gone so popular?

Essentially, it’s a certain method to feature your goods. Beside being to a great degree provocative, it’s likewise very engaging to watch, in it’s own particular absurd way.

Let’s be realistic, at times, it’s out and out amazing that individuals can shake their butts that quick and with that much development (and in such an odd way!). You may even end up looking on in a sort of stunningness considering: I know this is absolute crazy, however I didn’t realize that it was conceivable to move the human body that way!

On the off chance that you have a greater butt, this move will exhibit your goods in all its magnificence. For those with a littler butt, you can in any case shake your thing, however you won’t not get as much ricochet. Fortunately, there are approaches to make your butt greater and more twerk-commendable.

Or on the other hand, another alternative you have is to twerk in a portion of these fabulous goods amplifying pants.

The most effective method to Booty Twerk 101

So we should get into it immediately.

This video demonstrates to you the essentials of goods twerking, yet I must disclose to you it can feel exceptionally unnatural at first. In case you’re not kidding about this, at that point you may require a couple of hours in the security of your own home honing your ‘twerk’. Nothing to be embarrassed about, we as a whole know all the best twerkers were similarly situated at some stage.

Separating it

Work on tilting and moving your pelvis first so you can get used to how this development should feel. Place your hands on your hips and get the vibe for yanking the hips back (pull back with your fingers), or pushing the hips advances (push forward with your thumbs).

Once you’ve aced this, you’re prepared to start taking in the fundamentals of the twerk:

Place your feet wide separated with your feet calculated out to the side at around 45 degrees.

Crouch into a hunching down position. You can lay your hands on your knees for comfort/adjust.

Curve your back and stick your phat butt out.

Tilt your pelvis forward while keeping your abdominal area still.

Jolt your pelvis back again with the goal that your back is curved once more.

Rehash – you are currently twerking your goods!

It will require investment and practice before you’re ready to twerk at speed, yet continue rehearsing (in a suitable area obviously), and you’ll soon be goods twerking like a professional.

Twerk at Your Own Risk

Simply know that in case you’re utilizing this move and you’re a female, you are likely going to energize a considerable measure of consideration from the contrary sex, and I can’t ensure that it will be founded on much else besides crude human nature, in the event that you get my float.

In case you’re a person and you need to figure out how to goods twerk, at that point you have more elbowroom with regards to breaking out this move. While the male butt absolutely is appealing to us women, it simply doesn’t have the same ‘ricochet’ or level of sexuality attached to it as the female goods. Which implies you can don’t hesitate to twerk your way around more frequently as will probably escape with it as a comedic demonstration.

Where and When is the Phat Booty Twerk Appropriate?

Here’s a few cases of where it’s likely not fitting to begin goods twerking:

Wedding dance floor

Likely not the best decision of setting to show your new twerking aptitudes.


Child’s birthday parties

School moves

Family social affairs

Also, a few occasions where you may have the capacity to escape with it:

Fellow Twerking

Time to Twerk it, child!

At the point when tested by a challenge, question that you can execute this move, or something like that

In da club

In a move off, on the off chance that you have to show your undeniable predominance

On the off chance that every other person is doing it and you want to participate

Only for the sake of entertainment, if it’s fitting!

So there you have it, you are presently all set to Twerk it baby!

Obviously in case you’re prepared to step it up a score, for what reason not experiment with these further developed instructional exercises on youtube?

I cherish this one for it’s comedic result:

“so we call that development a salt shaker, cos you should feel like.. it’s some pepper in the cheeks, and you gotta plate full o’ green beans, and you wanna pepper up them green beans, with the cheeks”… pause, what the hell did I simply watch? I began roaring with laughter at about that point.

What’s more, did you realize that this move can be utilized for an entirely compelling cardio leg and butt exercise? Look at what this video instructional exercise can show you to do before its finish!

Displaying the Goods

Twerking is a butt-centered move, so on the off chance that you have a feeling that you’re not prepared to flaunt the merchandise, at that point for what reason not prepare yourself twerk by looking at a portion of our butt difficulties and activities to solidify and condition that goods?

Tell me what you think about twerking. Any mystery storage room twerkers out there?

Glad twerking!


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