(Video) Sexy Lady Shows Off Thong On the Beach

Ravie loso shows off her plump booty in this skimpy thong in this video.

Phat Booty, Thin Thong

Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Thong

There are numerous motivations to wear a thong all the more frequently! Most ladies figure they must be worn with specific outfits or for exceptional events, however these astounding bits of unmentionables can sincerely be worn each and every day… so here are a couple of the numerous motivations to wear a thong!


Obvious undies lines wherever you are is certainly a young lady’s most exceedingly terrible bad dream. Yet, when working in an expert setting, in case I’m wearing a some jeans and my pink tie undies are obvious to everybody there, I know I would be so past humiliated! Of the numerous motivation to wear a thong, one incredible one is that these obvious undies lines are actually nonexistent. So no disgrace in wearing those tight white jeans around the workplace… nobody can see them.


I was gloating to one of my lady friends a day or two ago about how I cherish wearing a thong as a rule, and her reaction was, “yet aren’t they so awkward?” and to answer everybody’s inquiries with respect to this announcement, NO they’re not in any way! Indeed it’s the inverse. An incredible motivation to wear a thong is that they are the most agreeable bits of clothing out there just on the grounds that there is so little texture it is difficult to make you awkward. What’s more, past that, the smooth, plush based cotton ones never cause teasing, just solace.


The vast majority of my companions who wear thongs as frequently as I do assert a similar thing: that wearing a thong influences them to feel more alluring. It’s most likely in light of the fact that it’s the one bit of unmentionables you can wear every day that is brimming with sex advance. Also, it’s undeniable why, since it is the sexiest underwear out there!

Influences YOU To look YOUR SEXIEST

Numerous ladies figure a thong doesn’t run with the dominant part of their closet, yet wearing a thong can be that dosage of hotness that is missing underneath. What’s more that, it makes your whole lower half look its sexiest (regardless of whether you are fit as a fiddle or not), which can change the look of your whole outfit… to improve things!


When chatting with my person companions about these mysterious underpants, they were extremely energetic about influencing me to comprehend the way that a thong is really the sexiest thing a young lady can wear. As a solid adherent to every one of these motivations to wear a thong, I kept on inquisitive, and soon thereafter they revealed to me it’s an immense turn on and unquestionably a major issue under the sheets. I don’t think I’ll ever wear grandmother undies again!


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